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When I dropped my ice cream in Icecrown…

December 21, 2009 By: Ladan Category: Icecrown Citadel, raiding content, raiding instance

So we’ve got a new raiding instance, Icecrown Citadel, or ICC. We love our acronyms in WoW!

It has hints of Naxxramas with its various wings and a smudge of Black Temple with its attitude problem surrounding a complex big bad-ass guy… I swear, can these bosses get any ruder?

But having said that it’s been fun. And I like the new 5-mans! I absolutely LOVE the “race away from the Lich King fight while he strides towards us in slo-mo” scene. The lore has been so entertaining.

As a raider, I do find myself a bit confused though. The guild I’m in had just gotten halfway through ToGC and now this is upon us. We’ve had fun getting through the first part of ICC, but it seems like ToGC is so last year now… and is Ulduar completely forgotten? Are these places all unfinished now for those guilds who had not cleared everything before the new content arrived?

It used to seem like the game gave us time to progress at a normal (non-uber raider, I should say) pace… such that new releases were something we hungered for, something where we devoted time levelling up other alts while we impatiently awaited the new release… now we can barely get used to a new place when the next stuff is there. It seems to leave me feeling like I have a lot of projects left undone and I’m not sure I like this feeling. I feel a little unsettled. But maybe this is just the way of things now. A lot of content and not a lot of time–unless you are super focused and talented. I wonder how the game designers feel–they probably spent months on certain new content, tweaking and fine-tuning the encounters, and now it is left discarded like last week’s bottle of milk. Are we now a gaming culture focused on devouring the game content before we’ve even had a chance to taste and swallow?

Anyway! These questions frame my latest poll. I’m sorry it’s been a while but I’ve been scarce the past few weeks due to other commitments.

Please participate and respond to my reflections here! Do you think we’ve got enough content now to keep us happy or do you think we’ll start looking at raiding instances like Ulduar and ToC as “yesterday’s news” and just stop going there entirely… will we force them into early retirement too soon?