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New BBC article–Diablo 3 Cash Auctions

July 13, 2012 By: Ladan Category: BBC, Diablo III

I had a chance to chat a bit with Mark Ward over at the BBC about the new feature from Blizzard–cash auction houses, as released in Diablo 3. Here’s the article below. I’m only quoted in a tiny part of it, but I think he did a good job capturing my thoughts about how we, as gamers, feel about this new feature–most of us accept it, but we don’t necessarily like how it could impact play. After all, if we think we could make a few hundred £/$/€ on a piece of gear rather than equipping it, it has changed how we view gear.

What he didn’t include was my thoughts about what this could mean for other Blizzard games, such as WoW. I suspect D3 was the trial run for this new feature and we may see it in other games. Anyways, here’s the article, if you’re interested:

And hi to anyone new who came to the site from the BBC. I’m down to the wire (under 20 days now!) til I submit my thesis, so this is probably the last you’ll hear from me for a few weeks.

Back I go…. <dives back in>