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Raiding Roundtable Discussion with Top Guilds

January 09, 2012 By: Ladan Category: Cataclysm, competition, Dragon Soul, patch 4.3, podcast, raiding, World of Warcraft

I had a chance to sit down tonight with seven of the world’s highest ranked raiding guilds to discuss a few things about the Tier 13 race:

  • the LFR ban
  • the current rankings and the shifts from previous tiers
  • the problems with content and raid encounters in the current tier of raiding
  • the state of the raiding race and its future
  • the emergence of Asian raiding guilds as dominant

Participants were:

  • Absalom from Blood Legion (US)
  • Arx from DREAM Paragon (EU)
  • Cika from Exodus (US)
  • Crusher from Stars (TW), via email
  • Dusk from Envy (EU)
  • Grafarion from vodka (US)
  • Sco from Method (EU)

I am very grateful to all seven participants for their time, perspective, and insight. I think we had an interesting discussion and quite a number of salient points were brought up about this challenging raiding tier. I did want to point out that I did try very hard to get in touch with KIN Raiders and some of the 10-man raiding guilds (like Silent) and was unable to get their participation in the call. I imagine language and time barriers contributed to that failure. I know that more perspectives would have resulted in an even better podcast and I can only say that I’ll try harder next time to get these additional perspectives to the table. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the wall of sound!

Patch 4.3…

November 29, 2011 By: Ladan Category: boss fights, Cataclysm, patch 4.3, Polls

Happy belated Thanksgiving to my fine American friends out there. I love that holiday and all the gastronomical joy it brings… :) and it’s just a lovely idea too!

I’ve been so utterly buried in my work that when a friend said something about “DS” to me, I had to ask what he meant. I thought he was referring–at first–to the handheld gaming console. How sad is that? And how ironic. I should be on top of these things, considering it’s sort of my line of work! Just tattoo slacker on my forehead. (Note: Just in case you’ve also been buried in your work, DS is “Dragon Soul”. I’m so embarrassed!)

Anyway, 4.3 is here and there are more fiercesome foes to fell in the furious fight for first amongst heroes! Since it’s the boring “day before” I tend to like to put a poll (gasp, yes, a new poll!) up to see how we’re feeling about the changes. Are we jazzed? Ambivalent? Terrified? Disappointed? I know some classes/specs are not feeling any love from Blizzard while others appear to be on the verge of a Great Leap Forward. But don’t fear, neglected ones, there’s always the next patch! Nothing ever stays the same in WoW-land. So a few reflections:

  • Are we in a reign of terror? I know that Deathwing–lore wise and geographically speaking!–did kind of throw the world into a bit of chaos, but aside from knowing he’s coming in the next patch, have we actually considered this period of time in our WoW history to be “Deathwing’s reign of terror”? I think we might have forgotten the amazing things he did to us last year, particularly once we had the thrill of being randomly struck dead by him.
  • Is the new raid content exciting? The Deathwing encounter sure sounds intriguing in concept and some of the fights have that new car smell, but it seems like sometimes we just get into the habit of saying something like “Oh that boss is just like x-boss but with an extra debuff”. I don’t think that’s Blizzard’s fault or anyone’s fault, though. I think that’s what happens when you become experts at a particular process or situation. And while not all of us are on the bleeding edge of the raiding race, many of us have been around the block enough times that we’re now used to the nature and arrangement of certain fights. I’ve even written about this and categorised the various key elements of boss fights because some parts are just familiar ground. Certain predictable factors are now customary in raiding and we tend to veer toward the associational in our preparation and explanation of a particular boss rather than being able to look at it with a completely fresh perspective. So yes, while the content is exciting I’d say that’s as much about the content being new to explore and because it allows for a new race to start than the fact that the bosses might look different, throw us a few new curveballs, and drop fancier loot.
  • And what about everything else? Will we use the raid group finder? Is transmogrification not just a cool word to say but also cool to use? New dungeons? Rogue legendary weapons? Class balancing? Void storage? The list goes on!

Anyways, what do you think?