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Do we PVP? Oh and happy Valentine’s Day! :)

February 13, 2011 By: Ladan Category: PVP, raiding

So I was procrastinating from something else I was supposed to be writing tonight, which is how I found myself staring mindlessly at the realm rankings for raiding on I noticed something that had not really escaped my attention before, but was something I hadn’t really thought too much about either. When you look at the realm rankings for raid progress, the majority of the best ones are PVP servers. The EU rankings are heavily stacked towards PVP servers while the US servers tend to have a bit more of a mix, with even a couple RP-PVP servers ranking higher up there.  I was most intrigued by the US Lightninghoof server, with a fairly impressive number of successful raiding guilds, particularly considering it’s average population size and what people might usually think of when RP servers come to mind.

I mulled this over a bit. I like to think I’m deeply insightful about all of us and what makes us tick, but of course I can sometimes go too deep into my creative thinking: was it because we’re so competitive and PVP is a very competitive gameplay experience so raiding and PVP go hand in hand? Is it because the first big raiding guilds were on PVP servers and ergo the serious raiders made the move?

So I asked Diamondtear from Paragon because I reckoned he must know the secret. His response was characteristically laconic: “We have more PVP servers.” Surely it’s not that simple! Well, it kind of is; there ARE more PVP servers (on glance at wowprogress, that is). But I think it’s more than that. I don’t think it’s true that we all like to PVP just because we raid but I think for some reason the more successful raiding guilds seem to be housed on the PVP servers. Maybe it’s about the quality of things to do outside of raiding? Maybe it seems just that little bit less like being coddled…. like we’re tougher because we’re roughing it on a PVP server. But as Diamondtear reminded me, “World PVP is dead.”

But do we even like to PVP? Do we do it? I’ve found myself on a server that’s a bit Alliance-heavy (always seems to be one or the other) so it’s hard to see any epic PVP going on around me, but I wonder… do you like to PVP when you’re not raiding? Do you actually know where the BGs are? Have you heard of this thing called resilience or did you think that was a skin cream your grandmother uses?