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How we value our clothing and kit (AKA gear)

October 24, 2010 By: Ladan Category: class spec, clothing and kit, raiding gear

So I have closed the latest micro poll and the results are interesting. In response to the statement that  “Having the right clothing and kit (gear) are essential to my experience as a raider”, the majority (61%) either strongly agreed or agreed, with an additional 19% saying they somewhat agreed with the statement. This suggests that a significant majority of respondents (80%) feel that their gear has a role to play in their raiding experience. Twenty percent, however, are less convinced. They either somewhat disagreed (11%) or disagreed (9%) with gear being essential to their raiding experience. This could mean that they find other elements to be more essential (and thus diminishing the impact and importance of gear) to their raiding or find that the “right gear” does not make that much difference. The breakdown is below.

  • Strongly agree (5) (36%)
  • Agree (4) (25%)
  • Somewhat agree (3) (19%,)
  • Somewhat disagree (2) (11%)
  • Disagree (1) (9%)

I find myself not entirely surprised by this result. From my observation, we are often judged and viewed by the gear we have on. If someone is wearing all PVP gear and blues on a PUGged raid, for example, we tend to raise our eyebrows at the least and at the worst, we might try to kick the person out of the group. They can’t possibly be prepared, we might argue, if they haven’t even done the work of getting the basics of the right gear sorted.  So gear can often lead us to question a player’s ability to participate in the raid constructively. Is this fair? Perhaps not, but I think it’s one of our few ways of attempting to judge skill before we’ve seen the player perform. I would say this happens far more frequently in the PUG environment, but I know that a player’s inability to know what the right gear is for their class and spec can have an adverse impact on a new trial member in a raiding guild, as well. I’m going to comment on this more in my next post, but I’m also very amused by our passion for discussing gear. For a world that’s largely populated by guys, we sure do like to talk about our clothes a lot! :)

New poll

September 04, 2010 By: Ladan Category: clothing and kit, Polls, subculture

I’m interested in talking about clothing + kit (AKA gear) next in my gentle wander down the raider subculture map…

So in honour of that, here is a poll that lets you share a thought or two. As always, do feel free to comment if you’d like!