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Linguistic diversity or exclusivity in raiding guilds?

September 16, 2011 By: Ladan Category: language, raiding culture

I wrote a piece on my Method blog today about this interesting trend (or is it a trend?) toward success in raiding among linguistically exclusive (as in groups on an English language server setting up guilds that use another language as their primary language) raiding guilds. Is there such a trend? I am not entirely convinced. Yes we have a lot of server/language variety and in the case of certain national groups (the Finnish raiders most notably), there may be a case to make for success being partly a result of a combination of linguistic exclusivity and performance. But that may just be the predilection of specific groups and not really a growing trend or change. After all, we still have the majority of high-performing raiding guilds being English-language primary guilds. Anyway I had some fun digging through the numbers, so I hope you will enjoy the read:…-the-cultural-diversity-%28or-lack-thereof%29-of-raiding-guilds

Meanwhile to the left of me here are our polls on the drinks and food we may or may not consume during the raid. I was not prepared for the 53% response with water! We’re clearly more prone to cold drinks over hot and non-alcoholic to alcoholic. As far as eating goes, I was taken a bit by surprise at the fact that a fairly high percentage (25%) eat nothing during a raid, though the “light snack” option as the highest result (29%) is not entirely unsurprising. A bowl of cereal has gotten me through many a raid night! But I guess eating can be a distraction, and I have found myself far too focused on what’s going on on the screen to even eat the things I may have handy to nibble on. Do go to my forum thread on the Paragon site to post any food/drink anecdotes. So far people are being very shy about it!