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The poll where I asked you to tell me if you’d paid to raid

January 31, 2011 By: Ladan Category: Polls, progress raiding

So I will admit I’m a bit surprised by the results here. I honestly thought more of us had spent money to change our races or servers in the pursuit of improved raiding performance or experience. But, this was how we responded:

Have you paid (beyond your subscription) to change your main raiding character’s race to improve raid performance and/or changed servers for better raiding opportunities?
    • No. (46%)
    • Yes. I’ve changed servers for better raiding opportunities. (20%)
    • Yes. I’ve changed both servers and my race for raiding. (20%)
    • Yes. I’ve changed my race to help my raiding performance. (14%)

But a modest majority of us, 54%, have spent money above and beyond our subscription rates to improve raiding performances or experiences. And 20% have actually spent money to change servers and races. I am curious, of that 20%, how many have done it more than once, too. I also wonder whether the 46% of us who have never paid out money would be willing to pay to move servers if their raiding guild fell apart and the only way to continue raiding was to change servers.

I think this tells me that for raiders, paying to move servers or change races is a small price to pay if it results in a better raiding experience.

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