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Does it matter if you progress on 25-man or 10-man?

January 04, 2011 By: Ladan Category: progress raiding, raiding group size

There’s been a bit of a storm brewing lately on some of the big forum/community sites. As the top guilds are making their way through the progress, there have been comments like the following:

1. Oh well they used an exploit. So it’s not a legitimate kill.

2. They are killing bosses on 10-man or a combo or 25-/10-man, so it’s not as good as the guilds who are doing it all in 25-man. That’s more difficult.

Are these things true? Does it really matter how we get a kill down or what kind of group size we’re using? The game mechanics are designed to say “no” but I don’t think that correlates with our own opinions about what’s considered legitimate.

So what are you hearing out there? Are people buzzing about the rank of 10- or 25-man? Is 10-man too easy? Does complexity in group size (and the complexity involved with getting the numbers to do the bigger group) translate to a more significant accomplishment? Do you have your own biases about this?

Please participate in the vote! :)

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