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Raiding Roundtable Discussion with Top Guilds

January 09, 2012 By: Ladan Category: Cataclysm, competition, Dragon Soul, patch 4.3, podcast, raiding, World of Warcraft

I had a chance to sit down tonight with seven of the world’s highest ranked raiding guilds to discuss a few things about the Tier 13 race:

  • the LFR ban
  • the current rankings and the shifts from previous tiers
  • the problems with content and raid encounters in the current tier of raiding
  • the state of the raiding race and its future
  • the emergence of Asian raiding guilds as dominant

Participants were:

  • Absalom from Blood Legion (US)
  • Arx from DREAM Paragon (EU)
  • Cika from Exodus (US)
  • Crusher from Stars (TW), via email
  • Dusk from Envy (EU)
  • Grafarion from vodka (US)
  • Sco from Method (EU)

I am very grateful to all seven participants for their time, perspective, and insight. I think we had an interesting discussion and quite a number of salient points were brought up about this challenging raiding tier. I did want to point out that I did try very hard to get in touch with KIN Raiders and some of the 10-man raiding guilds (like Silent) and was unable to get their participation in the call. I imagine language and time barriers contributed to that failure. I know that more perspectives would have resulted in an even better podcast and I can only say that I’ll try harder next time to get these additional perspectives to the table. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the wall of sound!

7 Comments to “Raiding Roundtable Discussion with Top Guilds”

  1. Great interview. I love the research you do here and thought I’d finally leave a note. Thanks for your work in the community!

  2. I am really impressed by the effort you put into this raiding research. I enjoyed every minute of the podcast. Keep up the great work!

  3. Thanks for the encouraging words. It makes me want to keep working on my podcasting skills! :)

  4. Is this available in .mp3 format?

  5. Hi Ladan I loved your podcast keep up the good work =)

  6. Hello!

    I loved listening to your roundtable with the top guilds. I’m a raider in a more casual guild and I really look up to these guys who play so well and are so dedicated. It’s great to hear their voices and opinions about the content.

    I have a suggestion for another roundtable talk (or just an area of research): Historical guilds. There are only a very small handful of raiding guilds from the early days of vanilla which are still alive and raiding today. I think that these guilds are an important part of the wow community and I’m sure the efforts and struggles that they excert to keep these guilds alive would be a fascinating area of study.

    I myself am co-gm of Wipe Club, Boulderfist. ยด=D


  7. Thanks for the encouragement, Mike! I’m enjoying trying my hand at this. :)

    @Jenkat: What a great idea. I may follow up with you about this. ;) I think we all get a healthy dose of nostalgia when it comes to our history in WoW and raiding in particular.


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